Saturday, 9 March 2013

Young Love and Whiskers

Lately, Mr Whiskers has been bringing his girlfriend round for dinner. We'd seen her around a fair bit beforehand, as they seemed to have been hanging out together for a while, and a few weeks ago I caught her in our kitchen eating his food. She had been sneaking in through a tiny little window in our store-room at night when nobody was about, eating everything and then making off again as if nothing had happened. At first, she always seemed terrified of us. She'd go and hide in the darkness, peering at us with big, frightened eyes before running away.
Once I realised she was obviously hungry, I knew that I would be able to tame her, and the hubby and I decided that she must be pregnant - we naughtily haven't had our cat 'done', so he's probably been out there sowing his seeds like there's no tomorrow. He doesn't behave like a Tom cat though - he's a big baby when he's at home, and he behaves like a complete gentleman around 'Mrs Whiskers', even allowing her to eat his food without seeming at all bothered.

Now, it's got to the point where she'll actually come and sit outside the window miaowing on her own, just like Mr Whiskers does, demanding food. She eats like an absolute trooper, and I'm sure I could feel something moving around in her big belly the other day. She comes into the house and lies on the floor as if it's her own, and Mr Whiskers again just sits back and watches it happen, no hissing at all.
It makes me wonder is she has a home at all. She seems to be well looked-after, and her fur is glossy and soft and healthy looking, but she doesn't wear a collar. I can't decide if she's really starving, or just greedy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for kittens, but it worries me that we don't know who her owner is, as I want to make sure that they will be well cared for when they do appear. Something tells me that she'll probably want to give birth at our house, better get some midwifery training in quick smart!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.



  1. oh new kittens? how exciting!

  2. awww bless. I hope you get kittens. :) x

  3. Cuteness overload here! They are so adorable! :))


  4. Looks like you might have a few new furries in your life very soon! lol Wonder if Mr Whiskers is the Daddy!

  5. Awwww so cute!! you better get him dressed though! naughty naughty lol! If she is hanging around your house a lot then she probably doesn't have a home. I'm sure Mr Whiskers will be a good dad since he is so relaxed with her hanging around and eating his food! hehe :)

    Jen xxx