Monday, 4 March 2013

Last Week I....

Last week I....

1. Drank hazelnut lattes and chatted about the future with the hubby.
2. Had lots of cuddles with MrWhiskers and watched him being extra lazy while I was getting ready for      work each day.
3. Made healthy juices every single day (carrot, orange, beetroot, acerola and ginger)
4. Dug out one of my favourite vintage blouses and wore it for the first time in a while.
5. Did a tiny little bit of shopping, which included getting the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. Yes, I know everyone is bored of it by now, but I'd never felt the need for it until my chin started going a bit crazy lately.
6. Baked some yummy cupcakes but didn't eat any of them myself :(
7.  Finally maanaged to take a picture of the infamous frog 'toad in the hole' - he's now taken up residence in our back garden. And speaking of toads, the one at the front gate has now quadrupled in size and found himself a mate, so we now have to contend with two enormous creatures blocking the front gate each evening when we arrive home.
8. Cooked lots of healthy dinners - this one is grilled salmon with sweet potato puree and roasted vegetables.
9.  Got used to the whole 'selfie' thing on Instagram.
10. Tried to figure out which of these three products had caused my skin to go insane the week before.
11. Spotted Ferrero Eggs in the supermarket for the first time but held my ground and didn't buy any...until next time.

Sorry the photos aren't the best quality, but that's going to be something of a pattern with these posts, as the images I use are direct from my Instagram, and the quality of my phone camera leaves a lot to be desired! Not to worry though - I'll be upgrading to an I-phone in June.

Hope everyone had a great week last week, and fingers crossed that this one follows suit.



  1. That looks like a pretty good week albeit minus the toad - yuck!

    1. Thanks Kay, wasn't too bad! The toad was less traumatic since he wasn't in my shoe this time, haha xx

  2. Your hair looks so stunning x

  3. That blouse is divine! Looks like a good week though, more productive and exciting than mine!


    1. Thank you, I can assure you it wasn't all that productive though, ha xx