Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Welcome Note...

Organised Chaos came about when, after a year of writing about beauty, I felt the itch to spread my wings and indulge my more creative side, writing about a broader variety of topics and seeking out inspiration (and hopefully providing some) on the things that make me feel excited about life.
I had always wanted to start a blog of my own, and wrote travel articles on my first blog for a couple of years before becoming interested in the beauty blogging world. However, my real passion has always been writing itself, and I had never wanted to become tied down by one particular topic. As much as I do love writing about beauty and fashion, there is so much more to me, and to life, than that.
Sometimes, I just want to sit in front of the computer and write about whatever springs to mind. Maybe it's about the kind of day I've had, or about something that has inspired me of late. Perhaps it's about a trip I've been on, something I've baked or crafted, something that's grinding my gears at the time, or just a funny story. Snow White Turtle Doves is  going to be the place where I can do all of that, and I'm really excited to get started, and to be able to just go with the flow and see where it takes me.
I hope you'll enjoy this little bit of insight into the daily goings-on in both my life and my mind. Please make yourself at home.



  1. Looking forward to joining you on your new blogging journey Mel! x